How to make your homemade candles


Do you want to make your own candles?

Read the instruction below.


What do we need?

– An old cooking pot

– Food thermometer or better instant read infrared digital thermometer

– Jar or other container made of thick glass or ceramic able to withstand heat

– Candle making kit, you can choose here

– If you want to make a scented candle, an fragrance oil according to your choice




1. Put the paraffin into a pot and start to heat it over a low flame


2. Wait until the wax melt and achieve 70 degrees of Celsia. After the required temperature was reached, you can add selected fragrance oil or scent.


3. Pour the wax into the jar slowly


4. Wait until the edges of wax in a jar begin to solidify


5. Take the wick ( home made kit) and drop it into the candle. It is necessary to keep the wick centered and ensure that it reached the bottom of the jar.


Then we need to wait until the wax in a jar is cold.


Finally, you can fully enjoy your home made candles.



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