Our small family business has been producing handmade candles since 1997.

Our candles are made of the high-quality materials to achieve perfect burning characteristics and to minimise sooting and wax dripping.

We offer a wide selection of various products including seasonal candles (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, wedding), figural, floating, basic shapes, multi-wick, candle making sets, etc.


We have decided to go the way of purely natural essential oils, which have aromatherapeutic effects instead of parfumes. Currently we are selling out all stocks we have without possibility of ordering.

Ordering candles with natural essential oils will be possible from September (higher quantities from 30 pcs from August). 

We will also provide you certification  that the candles contains pure natural essential oils.


Luxury wooden candles:

Candle wax recycling:

We have added a recycling basket for candle wax to the shopping center Nový Smíchov in Prague, more information is in the articles. 

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